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Pure Steel Screwdriver Set

Pure Steel Screwdriver Set

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The Pure Steel Screwdriver Set is an essential tool for watch repair enthusiasts and professionals alike. Crafted from high-quality steel, this set ensures durability and precision in every use. With a rotating base, it provides convenient access to various screwdrivers, allowing for efficient and organized repairs. The set includes nine screwdrivers in various sizes to accommodate different types of screws commonly found in watches. Whether you're replacing watch batteries, adjusting straps, or performing intricate repairs, this versatile set equips you with the tools needed to get the job done accurately and efficiently.


  • Material: Pure steel
  • Quantity: 9 screwdrivers
  • Sizes: Various sizes included
  • Rotating base for easy access
  • Ideal for watch repair and maintenance tasks
  • Suitable for both professionals and enthusiasts









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