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Premium Jewelry Cleaner

Premium Jewelry Cleaner

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Experience professional-grade jewelry cleaning at home with our Jewelry Ornaments Cleaner. Specially formulated for all types of precious metals and gemstones, this cleaner restores brilliance to your gold, platinum, diamonds, and more. Its powerful yet gentle formula removes dirt, grime, and oxidation effectively, leaving your jewelry sparkling like new. The easy-to-use process involves soaking your jewelry for 10-30 seconds, followed by gentle brushing and rinsing with clean water. Finally, dry with a soft cloth for immaculate results. Keep your treasured pieces radiant with our Jewelry Ornaments Cleaner, designed for effortless maintenance and stain removal.


  • Item Type: Jewelry Tools & Equipments
  • Product Features: Jewelry cleaner
  • Use Object: Gold, platinum, Rose Gold, K gold, gold-plated jewelry, diamond gem rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.
  • Efficacy: Cleans gold, diamond, platinum, and precious gemstones
  • Usage: Soak jewelry for 10-30 seconds, brush, rinse, and dry

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